A Guide to Retailing Pain Relief Patches in Pharmacies

Release time:2023-10-10    Click:116

Pain relief patches present pharmacies an opportunity to increase over-the-counter pain remedy sales. Smart promotional strategies include:

Prime Placement – Position patches conveniently near oral and topical analgesics to make the pain relief association clear.

Engaging Signage – Install signs communicating how patches can provide site-specific ache relief.

Value Bundling – Suggest complementary purchases like muscle rubs and supports to increase basket size.

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Customer Education – Train pharmacy staff to intelligently answer questions and recommend patches to shoppers.

Targeted Promotions – Offer special seasonal pricing or discounts to spur trial and purchase.

Checkout Display – Keep individual patch packs by the registers for convenient impulse purchases.

Cross Merchandising – Also display near braces, topical gels and external pain remedy items.

Implementing the right mix of merchandising and promotions optimizes visibility and sales revenue from the pain relief patch category.