Merchandising Steam Eye Masks In-Store for Success

Release time:2023-10-10    Click:116

Steam eye masks present retailers an opportunity to increase sales in beauty and self-care categories. Smart in-store strategies include:

Prime Display Placement – Feature masks prominently in the facial care section.

Engaging Signage – Install posters conveying the relaxation benefits of steam eye therapy.

Bundled Offers – Suggest add-on purchases like luxury eye creams or essential oils.


Value Pricing – Offer special promotional rates to motivate trial purchases.

Sample Sachets – Provide single-use samples so customers experience product benefits.

Impulse Items – Merchandise individual mask packs near registers for convenient add-on purchases.

Customer Education – Train staff on key selling points and how to demonstrate masks to shoppers.

Implementing the right mix of visual merchandising and promotions spotlights the category and boosts steam eye mask sales.