Menthol in Patches for Natural Topical Pain Relief

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01: How Menthol Relieves Pain

Menthol is an organic compound derived from mint plants that provides a cooling, numbing sensation by activating cold receptors. This helps block pain signals in the nerves and distract the brain from pain. Menthol also increases blood flow.

02: Using Menthol for Pain

Menthol is commonly used in topical pain relief patches. It is an active ingredient in popular products like Tiger Balm, Salonpas and IcyHot. Menthol provides temporary relief from back pain, arthritis, sprains, headaches and muscle cramps.


03: Benefits of Menthol Pain Relief

Menthol provides fast superficial pain relief by overriding pain signals. It causes less irritation than other topicals like capsaicin. Menthol has a pleasant odor and leaves no residue on skin. It can be used along with oral pain medication.

04: Applying Menthol Pain Relievers

Test small amounts first to avoid skin sensitivity. Avoid contact with eyes, nostrils and mouth. Apply to clean dry skin and wash hands after. Start with low percentages of menthol and increase potency if needed. Don’t use on wounds or bandaged areas.

05: The Soothing Power of Menthol

Menthol is a readily available natural ingredient that provides temporary topical pain relief. Look for menthol in gels, creams, Menthol pain patches and muscle rubs to manage everyday aches and pains.