5 Reasons Why You Should Try a Pain Relief Patch

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A Pain Relief Patch Could Ease Your Discomfort 

If you suffer from ongoing pain, you know how much it can interfere with work, sleep, and enjoyment of life. Rather than reaching for another pill to swallow, consider an easier and more targeted solution - a pain relief patch. Pain relief patches deliver medication through your skin to provide effective, convenient, and discreet discomfort alleviation.

Why Try a Pain Patch:

1. Targeted Relief, Focused on Pain Areas

Pain relief patches allow for medicine to be delivered directly through the skin to targeted areas instead of having to travel through the digestive system like oral meds. This means you can pinpoint the exact location that hurts and treat just that area for faster, more effective relief.

2. Fewer Side Effects

Since patches release lower systemic levels of pain relievers into your bloodstream, they result in fewer side effects compared to pills that circulate throughout your entire body. This makes them an ideal option if you want pain relief without discomfort like nausea or drowsiness.

3. Long-lasting Effects Pain Relief

Most pain relief patches provide an extended-release of active ingredients slowly over 8 to 12 hours. This gives you round-the-clock relief from pain without having to constantly reapply creams or take another pill when the effects start wearing off after just 4-6 hours.

4. Easy to Apply, Just Stick On

Medicated patches also couldn’t be simpler to use - just peel and stick on clean dry skin near the source of pain. No need to worry about swallowing a pill or making sure you don’t go over the dosage. They are mess-free and perfect for those with trouble taking oral medications.

5. Discreet Option, Hard to Notice

For some, having to take pills frequently throughout the day advertising the fact that they are in pain is distressing. Patches allow for low-key, discreet pain management that can be easily hidden underneath clothing so you can keep your discomfort private.

Patches for Different Pains

When searching for the right patch, consider which ingredients target your type of pain:

* Lidocaine - For nerve and neuropathic pain

* Menthol, camphor - For joint, back, arthritis pain 

* Capsaicin - For musculoskeletal, knee, ankle, and foot pain

* Salicylates - For strains, sprains, bruises

* Anti-inflammatories - For swelling, inflammation

No matter what kind of ache you have, there is likely a Pain Relief Patch formulation that can offer some sweet relief without the usual drawbacks. 

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