Heat Patch Keeps You Warm and Cold

Release time:2023-10-04    Click:112

Warm babies also need someone to take care of them, but it is difficult to keep them warm by themselves? Try this self-heating Heat Patch! This patch uses carbon fiber technology and can continuously provide you with warmth for 8 hours, helping you to easily survive the cold weather.

By simply attaching it to the inside of clothing or skin, the Heat Patch will release stable self-heating and keep the cold away for a long time. Applying it to the chest, lower back, shoulders, etc. can bring a warm and comfortable experience to the whole body.


It has a wide range of applications. In addition to keeping warm at home, it is also suitable for outdoor skiing, mountain climbing, camping and other activities. Allowing you to face the severe cold calmly without adding extra layers of clothing.

This winter, let this portable and safe Heat Patch be your warmth guardian! Re-embrace the fun of outdoor life and enjoy the winter sunshine!