Cooling Gel Patch Protects You

Release time:2023-10-04    Click:115

After high-intensity exercise, cooling muscles in time can effectively relieve fatigue and reduce soreness. The Cooling Gel Patch will become your indispensable sports recovery essential!

Cooling Gel Patch uses advanced gel technology to continuously release natural peppermint and frankincense essential oils, bringing a cooling and relaxing feeling to muscles. Apply it to muscles after training to get immediate cooling and accelerate the elimination of lactic acid.


This new type of cold compress will not wet the skin or clothing and is extremely convenient to use. Its continuous cooling effect can last up to 6 hours, completely replacing the traditional ice pack method.

Using Cooling Gel Patch for exercise recovery can help you quickly recover, reduce discomfort, and avoid excessive fatigue. Let's use this innovative option together to stay in top shape!