Slimming patch industry status quo and development trend forecast

Release time:2023-10-05    Click:129

In recent years, the slimming patch industry has shown rapid growth. According to the characteristics of the industry, the future development trends are predicted as follows:

1. Product forms will be more diversified

Innovative products such as capsule slimming patches and one-piece slimming pants will be launched to enrich the product structure.

2. Functional positioning will be clearer

The functions of slimming, abdominal shrinking, fat removal, and cellulite removal are more clear, meeting differentiated needs.

3. Supervision will continue to be strengthened

The drug regulatory department will strengthen the full life cycle supervision of slimming patches such as marketing authorization and quality to regulate the market.


4. Online sales will become the main channel

E-commerce platforms will become the preferred purchasing channel for consumers, and online marketing will become the focus.

5. Technological innovation and R&D will become more active

More advanced nanotechnology, transdermal enhancement technology, etc. will be applied to product research and development to improve efficacy.

Leading companies will rely on R&D and brand advantages to gain a larger share and increase concentration.

Slimming patch companies need to keep up with the development direction of the industry, increase innovation, and enhance core competitiveness.