Achy Breaky Body? Let Pain Relief Patches Come to the Rescue

Release time:2023-11-29    Click:174

You need Help – in the form of pain relief patches! Whether it’s sore muscles, arthritis pain, nerve pain, or injuries, whole-body discomfort can truly break you down. These medicated topical patches provide targeted analgesia right where it hurts most. Keep reading to discover how pain relief patches can play the hero and rescue you from all-over achiness.

Types of Pain Patches that Can Help

If you feel like the tin man desperately needing quick oiling, these are the top transdermal patch types to ask your doctor about:

• Lidocaine patches - Prescription numbing relief for nerve injuries, shingles and fibromyalgia 

• Diclofenac patches – Anti-inflammatory relief for arthritis, sprains and bursitis  

• Capsaicin patches – Compounds from chili peppers to relax muscles and ease nerve pain

• Menthol patches – Topical cooling sensation distracts nerves from muscle, joint, and back pain signals

• Salicylate patches – Relaxes tense muscles while blocking inflammation-causing general body pain

How to Use Pain Relief Patches for All-Over Relief  

Once you've got the right analgesic patches for your pain issues, make sure you use them strategically:

• Carefully follow application instructions 

• Place patches directly over pain epicenters

• Apply mild heat to increase absorption

• Rotate patch sites regularly to avoid skin irritation

• Use alongside oral meds during severe flare-ups 

• Keep a pain diary to optimize placement throughout the day

With consistent use, these rescue pain relief patches help get to the root cause of systemic pain. So slather them on liberally, relax those tense muscles, and find sweet relief for that achy breaky body at last!

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