Beginner's Guide to CBD Patches: Everything You Need to Know

Release time:2023-11-16    Click:114

New to CBD patches? This beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know about using CBD patches, their benefits, and how to get started.

CBD patches are adhesive patches that deliver a consistent dose of CBD through your skin and into your bloodstream over some time. Simply apply the patch to a venous area like the wrist, ankle, or foot and the CBD absorbs through the skin, bypassing the digestive system. 

Benefits of CBD patches include:

- Convenience - Just apply and go about your day. No need to ingest oils sublingually or remember to take capsules.

- Precise Dosing - Patches contain a premeasured dose that gets delivered over 8-12 hours. Great for those new to CBD that want an easy, mess-free way to dose it.

- Discreet Use - Easily concealed under clothing making use discreet.

- Improved Absorption - More CBD ends up in your system since it bypasses initial metabolization by the digestive system and liver. 

- Prolonged Effects - Steady release of CBD leads to all-day relief compared to faster-acting oils and capsules.

When starting with CBD patches, begin with a lower dose around 10-25mg. Give it several hours to take effect. Increase the dosage slowly over time depending on your needs and the patch manufacturer’s guidance. Talk to your doctor if combining with other medications.

To get the most from your CBD patch:

- Apply to clean, dry skin on venous areas like the wrist or ankle for better absorption. 

- Rotate the patch location each time to avoid irritation. 

- Do not apply heating pads or take hot showers, as the heat can cause too rapid release.

High-quality CBD patches from reputable brands ensure you get the most benefits from this convenient CBD delivery method. Check out our top CBD patch picks for 2023 to get started!