Best Pain Patches for Arthritis, Nerve Pain and More

Release time:2023-10-31    Click:137

Today more people are turning to topical pain relief patches for targeted relief. For those suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis, nerve pain, backaches, and fibromyalgia, finding an effective pain relief option is crucial. 

Pain relief patches deliver pain-relieving ingredients through the skin for fast localized relief where you need it. The best over-the-counter options combine lidocaine with natural soothing ingredients to enhance efficacy. 

Here are some top pain patch picks for common chronic pains:

Ingredient Combinations

patches contain numbing agents like lidocaine to block pain signals. They also incorporate anti-inflammatories, aloe, menthol, herbs, and more for added relief.

Treatment Areas  

Patches can be chosen to treat specific areas of pain like knees, shoulders, neck, wrists, back, etc. Some offer whole-body pain relief and can be applied anywhere.

Custom Sizes

Patches come in sizes like 2x2 inches, 2x4 inches, and larger area patches. Choose appropriate sizes based on the treatment area. Kangdi Medical offers multiple-size options.

Arthritis Pain

For arthritis joint inflammation and discomfort, lidocaine patches from 4-5% with aloe or menthol can be applied to tender joints as needed for fast targeted relief.

Nerve Pain

4-5% lidocaine patches effectively block nerve pain signals for conditions like sciatica, shingles, and diabetic neuropathy. 

Back Pain

For muscular backaches or strains, large mentholated lidocaine patches can numb and relax painful areas with an icy-hot effect.


Higher-dose lidocaine patches treat tender trigger points all over the body. Added menthol provides a cooling sensation.

The best pain relief patches offer localized relief for arthritis, nerve pain, back pain, and more.