Best pain relief patch for shoulder

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Best pain relief patch for shoulder 

Shoulder pain is very common and can make daily activities difficult. Using an analgesic patch is an easy way to get targeted relief right where you need it.

Causes of shoulder pain

The shoulder joint is prone to injuries and strains from overuse. Common causes of shoulder pain include:

Rotator cuff injuries - Strains or tears in the shoulder muscles and tendons

Arthritis - Inflammation and deterioration of the shoulder joints 

Dislocation or separation - Forceful injuries that displace the shoulder bones

Frozen shoulder - Stiffening of the shoulder due to scar tissue buildup

Fractures - Cracks or breaks in the shoulder bones 

Tendinitis - Swelling of the shoulder tendons from repetitive use

Bursitis - Inflammation of the fluid-filled shoulder bursae

Benefits of Best pain relief patch for shoulder

Applying analgesic patches directly over the sore shoulder area provides targeted pain relief:

Focused delivery - Patches allow you to pinpoint where to apply the medication.

Continuous release - Patches provide long-lasting relief by slowly releasing the pain reliever. 

Easy to use - Just stick on the patch once and enjoy hours of relief.

Less oral medication - Patches reduce the need for pills that can cause gut irritation.

Portable - Discreet patches can be worn under clothing and while on the go.

Active ingredients in shoulder pain patches

The most effective medicated patches for shoulder pain contain:

Lidocaine** - Local anesthetic that blocks pain signals to the brain

Diclofenac** - Anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling and discomfort

Methyl salicylate** - Counterirritant derived from wintergreen leaves 

Capsaicin** - Compound from chili peppers that interferes with pain signals

Menthol** - Cooling ingredient from mint that provides a sensation of pain relief

How to choose the best shoulder pain patch

Consider the following when selecting a patch:

Pain location - Select larger patch sizes to cover the entire shoulder region.

Ingredients - Check for proven analgesics like lidocaine, diclofenac, and salicylates.

Dosage - Choose higher potency patches for severe, chronic shoulder pain.

Duration - Patches that provide 8-12 hours of relief minimize reapplication.

Skin type - Hypoallergenic, latex-free patches reduce risks of reactions.

Brand - Stick to reputable pharmaceutical brands for safety and efficacy.

Along with analgesic patches, try these therapeutic measures:

- Apply a Cooling patch to reduce inflammation after injuries.

- Do gentle stretches and exercises to improve shoulder mobility.

- Maintain good posture and sleep on your side to take pressure off the shoulders. 

- Get massages to relax tight shoulder muscles and improve circulation.

With the right pain relief patch and self-care, you can get effective relief from nagging shoulder pain. Consult a doctor for severe or worsening shoulder problems.

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