Building Your Brand with Custom OEM Capsicum Patches

Release time:2023-12-05    Click:172

In the evolving analgesic market, OEM Capsicum patch customization sets leading suppliers like KONGDY apart. As a trusted capsicum patch OEM, KONGDY enables clients to transform generics into branded medical devices that promote their business in consumer pain relief. Discover how KONGDY employs customization techniques like private labeling, innovative formulations, and capsaicin dose adjustments to help clients boost market share.

Private Label Packaging  

- Replace generic packaging with colorful, logo-printed sachets that communicate your brand

- Add instructions tailored to your formula/dose to reinforce branding   

- Build familiarity and trust by speaking to your company mission via package design

Custom Formulation Abilities  

- Leverage KONGDY R&D's 30+ years expertise formulating transdermal solutions

- Fine-tune patch ingredients and release rates to match intended pain uses    

- Set your brand apart through performance-driven formulation

Capsaicin Concentration Flexibility

- Adjust capsaicin from 0.075% up to 3% to dictate heating intensity and effect  

- Specialize patches for mild, moderate, or severe pain

- Link your brand uniquely to ingredient choice and efficacy through dose customization

Contact KONGDY today to build an iconic pain brand with OEM capsicum patches customized via labeling, formulation, and functional design.

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