CBD Patch Ingredient Absorption: How They Work and Why

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CBD patches have been growing in popularity as an effective delivery method for CBD and other cannabinoids. But how exactly do the active ingredients in CBD patches get absorbed into the body? Understanding the absorption process can help you get the most out of your CBD patch experience.  

How Do CBD Patches Work?

Like other transdermal products (medications delivered through the skin), CBD patches allow ingredients to enter the bloodstream without being ingested or passing through the liver first. Here’s a quick overview:

- Adhesive pads infused with CBD, THC, and CBN are applied to venous areas like the wrist, ankle, or behind the knee

- Body heat causes the ingredients (cannabinoids, terpenes) to permeate through the skin 

- Ingredients enter the bloodstream directly, bypassing the digestive system   

- Effects may be felt within 30 minutes up to several hours

Benefits of Transdermal Absorption 

Absorbing cannabinoids through the skin offers unique advantages:

Consistent Dosing

Steady infusion over 6-12 hours allows for precise, extended relief compared to ingestion  

Avoiding First-Pass Metabolism 

Prevents the breakdown of compounds by the liver, increasing bioavailability

Discreet, Odorless Option

Patches allow absorption without smoking, vaping, or uncomfortable oral sprays  

Faster Acting

The onset of initial effects may begin within 30 minutes

The Science Behind CBD Patch Ingredient Absorption

To understand how CBD patch ingredients are absorbed, it helps to know the layers of the epidermis (outer skin):

- Stratum Corneum - The outermost layer of skin, comprised of dead skin cells and lipids

- Viable Epidermis - Living skin cells and glands sitting under the stratum corneum   

- Dermis - Fibrous proteins, nerve endings, hair follicles and sweat glands

- Hypodermis - Deeper subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue 

The lipids between dead skin cells in the stratum corneum regulate the absorption of outside compounds. Cannabinoid molecules from CBD patches can slip through tiny spaces in this lipid matrix. The compounds then permeate into lower levels like the dermis to be absorbed into blood capillaries.  

Therefore, the stratum corneum acts as the main “gatekeeper” for controlling bioavailability. Factors like thickness, moisture, and integrity of this barrier layer can speed up or slow down CBD patch absorption.   

Optimizing Ingredient Absorption from CBD Patches  

Since skin permeability plays a key role, here are tips for maximizing absorption:

- Apply the patch to venous regions like the wrist or ankle which have thin stratum corneum

- Ensure skin is clean and dry - moisture can slow absorption   

- Consider using a skin sensitizer like menthol for improved absorption

- Gently rub the patch upon application to stimulate blood flow 

While CBD patches make it easy to enjoy extended cannabinoid delivery, understanding the science of ingredient absorption allows you to better control the experience.

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