CBD Patch - What's Inside and Why It Matters

Release time:2023-10-27    Click:159

CBD patches are becoming an increasingly popular way to get a convenient daily dose of CBD (cannabidiol). Getting an understanding of the ingredients can help you determine if CBD patches are right for your needs. 

what exactly is inside these patches that make them work? 

The main active ingredient is of course CBD. Derived from hemp, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that provides users with mental and physical benefits. When delivered through the skin via a patch, CBD can provide localized relief as well as overall balancing effects. 

The delivery system itself is made up of a few key components. The adhesive layer contains polymers that allow the patch to stick to the skin comfortably. The backing layer protects the patch and keeps the CBD reserved in the reservoir layer. This middle layer contains CBD mixed into a viscous material to allow controlled delivery over time.

Main benefits:

Pain relief - CBD patches can provide localized pain relief when worn on affected areas. The CBD is absorbed steadily over hours.

Anti-inflammatory - CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial for joint and muscle pain when delivered via patches.

Discrete and convenient - Patches allow discreet CBD usage throughout the day. They provide pre-measured CBD doses in a simple, mess-free way.

In conclusion, CBD patches provide a unique delivery method for experiencing the many benefits of CBD. By delivering cannabidiol through the skin over time, CBD patches offer steady and long-lasting relief that distinguishes them from other formats like oils or edibles. 

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