CBD Patches: Transdermally Delivering Cannabinoids

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Unlike traditional methods, CBD patches allow for precise absorption through the skin using specialized transdermal technology. But what exactly does “transdermal” mean and why does it enhance delivery?

What is Transdermal Delivery?

Transdermal delivery involves administering active compounds via diffusion through the skin’s layers. This transports ingredients directly into blood vessels underneath without needing to pass through initial metabolism. 

Benefits of transdermal cannabinoid administration include:

Exact Absorption

- Bypasses digestion variability for consistent concentrations

- Controls release rate and cutoff point

Enhanced Bioavailability 

- Avoids first-pass liver metabolism for a fuller effect

- Allows lower doses for cost-efficiency 

Rapid Onset

- Reaches bloodstream and receptors within minutes

- Provides faster symptomatic relief

The Science Behind CBD Patches

CBD patches encapsulate cannabinoids into microscopic reservoirs within an adhesive layer. When affixed to the skin, the ingredients steadily diffuse into the dermal circulatory system based on a fixed rate. 

Once cannabis chemicals enter the bloodstream, they bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system to quell overactivity behind inflammation, pain perception, anxiety attacks, and more. Relief sets in rapidly and lasts for the full duration of patch adhesion.

CBD Transdermal Patches empower users to self-administer safe supplemental treatment.

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