CBD patches—Benefits of transdermal patch

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CBD patches are gaining popularity as an effective delivery method for CBD oil and its natural wellness benefits. But what makes CBD patches and transdermal absorption so beneficial compared to other methods? This article will take a deeper look at the unique advantages of using CBD patches.

What is transdermal CBD? 

Transdermal CBD involves administering CBD through the skin for systemic absorption into the bloodstream. CBD patches allow for transdermal application of CBD. The cannabinoids are transferred from the adhesive patch, through the skin layers, and into circulation throughout the body.  

Benefits of transdermal CBD patches

Transdermal administration of CBD offers some key advantages:

Precise dosing

- Patches contain a pre-measured dose of CBD, usually between 10-40mg. This provides consistent dosing without the guesswork.

- The CBD content is clearly labeled on most patches for easy tracking.

Bypass digestive system 

- Absorbing CBD transdermally avoids first-pass metabolism by the liver and gut. This improves bioavailability.

- Patches allow CBD to reach the bloodstream and get used by the body more efficiently. 

Prolonged release

- Patches slowly diffuse CBD into the skin over 6-12 hours for long-lasting effects.

- Steady absorption from the patch reservoir avoids spikes and crashes.

Localized application 

- Patches can be applied directly to problem areas for localized benefits like pain relief.

- This achieves effective concentrations of CBD right where it’s needed most.

Low dose option

- Transdermal patches offer low doses of CBD, usually ranging from 10-40mg.

- Low doses are great for CBD beginners and those concerned about side effects.

Discreet method

- CBD patches look similar to nicotine patches or bandages. Their discreet appearance allows for inconspicuous use.

- Patches eliminate the need to vaporize CBD or take multiple oral doses throughout the day.

Enhanced skin benefits

- Applying CBD patches topically enables CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties to work locally on the skin.

Better bioavailability 

- Transdermal absorption results in bioavailability rates of 40-60% for CBD. Much higher than oral methods.

- This means the CBD gets substantially absorbed and utilized by the body.

As an efficient delivery method, CBD patches maximize the advantages and therapeutic potential of CBD. Consumers can experience the wellness benefits of CBD in a discreet, convenient way.

As with any new supplement, it’s wise to start low and slow with CBD patch dosage. Be patient when determining optimal frequency and patch location for your individual needs. Adhere to usage guidelines and monitor your response.

Combining CBD patch benefits

CBD patches offer versatility. They can provide:

- All-day general CBD supplementation for preventative care and wellness.

- Focused relief when applied to a specific problem area like sore joints or muscles.

- Skin-enhancing benefits when used regularly. CBD supports healthy inflammatory response and antioxidant function.

Continue exploring the many benefits available through this convenient transdermal CBD delivery system.

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