Capsicum Patch: New products launched, strong penetration

Release time:2023-12-01    Click:171

KONGDY recently launched a new line of capsicum patches that are creating a big buzz in the pain relief product market. As an upgrade to our best-selling Capsicum Patch series, these new patches harness the power of capsicum extract and the latest advancements in transdermal patch technology to offer effective, long-lasting pain alleviation. 

What is a Capsicum Patch?

A capsicum patch is a topical analgesic patch infused with capsaicin, the active component in hot peppers that desensitizes pain nerves when applied to the skin. The non-intrusive patches allow for deep penetration to block pain transmission without side effects common to oral medications.

New & Improved Features

Our new Capsicum Patches have a stronger concentration of capsicum oleoresin for enhanced pain relief properties. The patches use an improved liposomal delivery system for skin penetration and absorption compared to previous versions. Plus, the soft hydrogel patches now have more comfortable and breathable wear. 

Capsicum patch.jpg

Target Pain Areas  

Ideal for joints, back, knees, shoulders, and anywhere with chronic or acute pain. The convenient patch format lets you directly target pain zones for fast-acting, long-lasting relief.

Additional Product Lines:

- Arthritis Capsicum Patch: For swelling, stiffness and sore joints

- Nerve Pain Capsicum Patch: Alleviates neuropathic nerve discomfort 

- Muscle Pain Capsicum Patch: Soothes sore, overworked muscles

- Period Pain Capsicum Patch: For menstrual cramps and spasms

With highly effective capsicum extract formulas and advanced delivery methods, our latest patches have strong market penetration potential across many pain relief segments. Check out the complete Capsicum Patch collection on our online store!