Capsicum Patch Placement Guide: Wrists, Shoulders, Knees and More

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Getting the Most from Capsicum Patches

Capsicum patches can provide effective, long-lasting pain relief when applied correctly. Choosing proper capsaicin patch placement is vital to get the best results. This guide covers the best areas to use capsicum patches for common types of pain.  

Hands and Wrists

For carpal tunnel discomfort, arthritis aches, or overworked hands from typing/sports, apply small capsicum patches to wrists and fingers. The capsicum works quickly on these sensitive areas. Use medical tape to secure. Change daily.


Knee pain from arthritis or previous injuries often responds well to capsicum patches. 

For knee placement:

- Trim patch to contour the kneecap 

- Apply above, on, and below the kneecap for full coverage

- Wrap an elastic bandage to hold the capsicum patch in place  


Shoulder capsule inflammation and rotator cuff problems cause chronic issues. 

For pain relief, use large capsicum patches or several small ones placed:

- Along the top of the shoulder and upper arm

- Over the shoulder blade  

- On the front of the shoulder near the chest  

Lower Back

For chronic low backaches from muscle tension or sciatic nerve inflammation, wide capsicum patches work best. 

Position large patches:

- On either side of the spine

- Just above the hips (lumbar region)

- Over sacrum and tailbone  

Proper placement directly affects capsaicin absorption and pain relief potential. Now that you know the best areas for capsicum patch application, experiment to find what works for your pain issues. Consistent use can provide lasting comfort improvement.

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