Capsicum Patch: Porous Capsicum Plaster

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The capsicum patch, also known as the porous capsicum plaster, is a unique pain relief product made from natural capsaicin extracted from chili peppers. This innovative patch has gained popularity for its ability to temporarily alleviate various types of musculoskeletal and nerve pain.

How Does Capsicum Patch Work? 

- Contains highly concentrated capsaicin that is absorbed through the skin

- Activates TRPV1 receptors and blocks pain signal transmission

- Provides targeted, reversible pain relief by desensitizing pain nerves

Key Features and Benefits

- Convenient and mess-free application

- Delivers capsaicin directly to the site of pain 

- Porous and breathable texture 

- Flexible and contoured for hard-to-reach areas

- Odorless and no irritation to surrounding skin

- Safe for short-term and repeated use

- Easy to remove and reapply as needed

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Effectiveness for Various Pains

- Back pain

- Neck, shoulder and arm pain

- Knee pain and arthritis

- Muscle strains and sprains   

- Nerve pain like sciatica

- Activate blood circulation;dissipate stasis;relief pain

Capsicum patches provide temporary relief by interrupting pain signals to the brain. Consult your doctor and carefully follow usage instructions for the best results.


With its innovative delivery method and natural active ingredient, the capsicum patch is an easy-to-use and side-effect-free option for managing many common episodic and chronic paints. Try this simple porous plaster for dealing with pain flare-ups.