Capsicum Patch - How capsaicin can help sore muscles and joints

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Capsicum Patch is a Pain Relief Patch When applied to the skin, Capsicum Paste uses capsaicin to provide targeted pain relief for aching muscles and joints.


Mainly contains camphor, menthol, capsicum extract, and other natural health ingredients.

Camphor has the effect of enhancing skin absorption, which can help capsaicin penetrate the skin better and exert an analgesic effect.

Menthol gives people a cooling sensation and can help relieve uncomfortable symptoms such as muscle soreness.

Chili pepper extract also contains capsaicin, carotene, and other ingredients. These natural ingredients can reduce inflammation and promote blood circulation. In addition to the above-mentioned ingredients, some other natural medicinal plant extracts are also added to the chili paste. These natural health-care raw materials are safe and effective without any side effects on the body.

Combining various ingredients, chili paste not only has cooling and analgesic effects but is also rich in ingredients that promote absorption. After use, it can significantly relieve pain in muscles, bones, and other parts, and help people achieve a healthier physical and mental state.


Efficacy effect

When used regularly, Capsicum Plaster will begin to work over time. Capsaicin continues to desensitize pain receptors. With repeated applications, users can experience progressive improvements in mobility and reduction in pain.  capsaicin patch provides safe, non-invasive pain relief without the need for oral medications. By delivering capsaicin through the skin, it bypasses the digestive system and avoids potential side effects. Plasters are applied directly to sore muscles or joints to provide targeted pain relief where it is needed most.

Compared with long-term use of oral NSAIDs, which can irritate the stomach lining, there are no serious risks associated with long-term use of cayenne pepper paste. The main side effect is temporary mild redness or burning sensation that usually disappears within an hour after the plaster is removed.

So if you suffer from chronic muscle soreness or arthritic joint pain, try using Capsicum Plaster. Using this capsaicin patch is an easy way to take advantage of natural pain relief. If skin becomes irritated, be sure to temporarily discontinue use. Using chili paste, the healing power of capsaicin can help rejuvenate muscles and joints.