Capsicum Patches-Capsaicin Delivery Through Patches

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Capsicum Patches deliver the power of hot peppers through the active component capsacin—all in one convenient wearable sticker. Read on to learn how capsicum patches outperform traditional pain relief approaches. 

What Makes Capsicum Patches So Effective?

Capsicum patches have unique advantages over oral medications and creams:

Targeted Relief

-Targeted pain relief to areas

- Patches allow for application directly at the pain site

Precise Dosing

- Contains precise level of capsicum for optimal therapeutic effect  

Prolonged Comfort

-Provide steady release of capsacin for long-lasting relief for up to 12 hours

User-Friendly Format 

-Simple sticker application avoids the mess of gels/creams 

-Easy to place, remove and reapply as needed

How Do Capsicum Patches Deliver Capsaicin?

Capsicum patches contain capsicum oleoresin, which incorporates the beneficial compounds from pepper plants. Using a patented microencapsulation process, these active ingredients are embedded into the adhesive polymer layer. Once applied to the skin, body heat causes the capsules to release, triggering pain blockade and healing effects.

A convenient Capsicum patch delivering maximum strength capsicum relief straight to your pain points. 

Experience Effective, Lasting Pain Relief 

Capsicum patches outperform other options by providing pinpointed, customizable, and mess-free treatment in one easy step. Say goodbye to constant discomfort and try capsicum patches today! Check our shop for trial offers and ordering information.

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