Capsicum Patches: Reduce Muscle and Joint Discomfort

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Capsicum patches are a safe, non-addictive option to help reduce muscle soreness, arthritis aches, back pain, and other discomforts. With consistent use, capsicum extract patches may replace or lower the need for medications or prescription pain patches over time. 

What’s in Capsicum Patches?

The main active ingredient is capsaicin, found naturally in hot peppers and chilies. 

Additional active ingredients typically include:

- Menthol – Provides cooling sensation

- Methyl salicylate – Aspirin-like compound

- Camphor – Works as a pain reliever

Capsicum pain relief patches also use adhesive polymers to ensure the patch sticks to the skin securely.

Benefits of Capsicum Patches for Pain

Unlike oral NSAIDs or analgesics, capsicum patches target pain areas efficiently. 

Benefits include:

Improved circulation 

- Long relief up to 8 hours

- Few side effects for most users

- Easy to apply and re-use patches  

Effective Areas to Use Capsicum Patches

The versatility of capsicum patches allows pain relief for:

Back Pain

Apply two larger patches on the lower back near the spine for sciatica or sore muscles.

Arthritic Joints  

Trim patches to shape and target painful knees, fingers, or elbows directly. 

Shoulder Discomfort

Place patches above, below, and on shoulders to improve mobility.

Overused Muscles

Apply patches after exercise on calves, thighs, neck, and other overworked areas.  

For the widest pain coverage, combine capsicum patches with alternate treatments like massage or gentle stretching. Maintain usage for 2-4 weeks to experience the best long-term relief benefits that capsicum patches can provide to muscle and joint pain sufferers.

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