Capsicum Plaster Hot - Warming Up Pain Relief

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Capsicum Plaster is a topical pain relief product that contains capsicum, the active ingredient found in chili peppers. When applied to the skin, it helps provide temporary relief from aches and pains. Here's an overview of how capsicum plaster works and its benefits for pain management:

How It Works—Hot Capsicum Plaster 

- Contains capsaicin, the active compound in chili peppers that gives them heat and pain-relieving properties

- Creates a warming sensation that distracts from underlying pain when applied to the skin 

- Improves blood circulation in the applied area, reducing stiffness and muscle spasms

- Desensitizes pain receptors and blocks pain signals to the brain

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Capsicum Plaster Hot  Benefits

Effective for various types of pain:

    - Back, neck, shoulder, and muscle pain

    - Arthritis and joint pain

    - Sprains and strains

    - Nerve pain

- Easy to apply and remove 

- Starts working quickly to provide pain relief

- Can be used alongside oral pain medication

- Non-greasy and mess-free 

- Provides 8 hours of consistent warming pain relief

- Odourless and portable

How to Use

Using capsicum plaster hot is simple:

- Clean and dry skin before application

- Leave on for 8 hours or as needed

- Remove slowly and gently to avoid irritation

- Wash hands after application 

 Tips for Best Results

- Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin

- Avoid using on sensitive skin areas

- Test on a small area first to check for skin sensitivity 

- Use in combination with cold therapy for muscle strains

- Apply a few hours before activity to prevent pain during movement

With its natural active ingredients, capsicum plaster hot offers an easy and effective way to get fast pain relief from a variety of common aches and pains. The warming sensation helps override pain signals while improving circulation to aid healing. Next time you need to warm up for pain relief, try this topical plaster.