Causes of Knee Pain and How Knee Pain Patches Help?

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Knee Pain Patch: Effective Relief for Knee Discomfort

Knee pain is an incredibly common issue that affects people of all ages. Understanding the causes of knee pain is important for finding the right solutions for relief. One option that is growing in popularity is knee pain relief patches, which provide targeted delivery of pain-relieving ingredients.

The knee joint is comprised of bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons which can all contribute to pain for a variety of reasons. 

Some of the most common causes of knee pain include:

- Arthritis - Osteoarthritis breakdown of knee cartilage and rheumatoid arthritis joint inflammation

- Injuries - Sprains, strains, tears, dislocations that damage ligaments or tendons 

- Patellofemoral pain syndrome - Imbalance of kneecap tracking causes pain under and around the kneecap

- Tendinitis - Inflammation of tendons from overuse 

- Bursitis - Swelling of fluid-filled sacs that cushion the knee joint

- Baker's cyst - Fluid buildup behind the knee

- Iliotibial band syndrome - Friction of IT band over the bony lateral epicondyle

No matter the cause, knee pain results from inflammation and sensitivity of knee structures. This is why treatments aim to reduce inflammation and numb pain signaling. 

Knee pain patches allow direct application of active ingredients like menthol, methyl salicylate, capsaicin, and camphor over the knee. These ingredients interrupt pain signals to the brain and decrease inflammation. 

The benefits of knee pain patch treatment include:

- Bypassing digestion for faster pain relief

- Easy, targeted application to knee pain site

- Continuous delivery over 8-12 hours 

- Avoiding side effects of oral medications 

- Non-invasive and easy to use

- Providing warming or cooling sensations for fast pain relief

For quick and convenient knee pain relief, the use of over-the-counter pain relief patches can be highly effective. Talk to us to determine if a knee pain patch is the right option for you.

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