Doctor recommendation: knee pain relief patch

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Knee pain is an extremely common complaint that doctors frequently see in their practices. When patients ask about the best treatment options, more and more doctors are recommending knee pain relief patches. 

Why doctors recommend knee pain relief patches

There are many reasons why doctors suggest patients try using knee pain relief patches:

  • Targeted relief - The patches allow delivery of pain-relieving medication right to the source of pain around the knee. This provides more focused relief.

  • Fewer side effects - Medications are absorbed locally through the skin so there is less risk of side effects compared to oral NSAIDs that circulate through the whole body.

  • Convenience- Patches are easy to apply and provide round-the-clock pain relief for up to 12 hours, unlike pills that need to be taken multiple times a day.

  • Doctors consider KONGDY knee patches a safe option that complements other treatment methods.

KONGDY knee pain relief patches

Features include:

- Powerful ingredients - Menthol, methyl salicylate, and capsaicin work together to block pain signals and provide fast relief.

- Flexible comfort - The soft, breathable fabric moves with the knee and comfortably fits all sizes. 

- Stays put - The strong medical grade adhesive keeps the patch firmly in place even through activity.

- Hour after-hour relief- One patch can ease knee pain continuously for up to 12 hours.

With KONGDY patches, you get doctor-recommended knee pain relief that you can count on. 

Who can use knee pain relief patches?

Doctors often recommend knee patches for the following common conditions:

- Osteoarthritis - The anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief provided by the patches help reduce arthritis knee discomfort.

- Runner's knee - Patches can treat runner’s knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) caused by overuse.

- Knee bursitis- Applying a patch near inflamed bursa areas eases bursitis pain.

If you are struggling with any type of knee pain, ask your doctor about trying KONGDY relief patches.

How to use knee pain relief patches

Using KONGDY knee patches is simple:

- Clean and dry the knee area before applying the patch.

- Remove the backing and place the sticky patch firmly onto the sore spot. 

- Rub edges to maximize adhesion. Patches should stay tightly affixed.

- Wait 1 hour for maximum pain relief as ingredients absorb into the knee tissue.

- Reapply a new patch every 12 hours or when pain relief diminishes.

Be sure to read all the enclosed instructions before using any medication.

Tips for getting optimal results

Here are some useful tips doctors recommend for getting the most out of knee pain relief patches:

- Use the patches along with rest, ice, and knee exercises for maximum pain relief.

- Apply patches to clean skin and change location on the knee to avoid skin irritation.

- Stick patches tightly around the knee cap and on swelling/tender areas for optimal delivery of ingredients. 

- Keep the knee moving gently after applying patches to encourage blood flow.

Following your doctor's advice along with these patch usage tips can help maximize your knee pain relief.

Live your best life pain-free

At KONGDY, our goal is to get you back to living life without knee pain slowing you down. Our doctor-recommended knee patches use innovative technology to deliver effective, long-lasting pain relief. Regain your mobility and independence so you can enjoy time with your family and get back to activities free of knee discomfort.

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