Does Capsicum Patch Really Work for Back Pain?

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At present, one promising therapy is gaining popularity - the capsicum patch. because Back pain affects over 50% of adults each year.  But does it work for back pain? 

What the Research Says About Capsicum Patches

Multiple studies demonstrate capsicum patches alleviate back pain from strain, arthritis, sciatica, and other common culprits. For example:

- Data analysis of numerous studies concluded capsicum is beneficial for various types of back pain. 

- 85% of osteoarthritis patients using capsicum patches for 6 weeks reported major reductions in back discomfort.  

Why KONGDY  Capsicum Patches Relieve Back Pain

The  capsicum patch likely mitigates back pain through:  

- Temporary desensitizing of nerve receptors that transmit pain signals

- Increased blood flow to oxygenate tight, sore back muscles  

- Blocking the release of substance P, a messenger that communicates pain

- Soothing warmth that distracts from nagging back discomfort

The compound capsaicin is responsible for these pain-relieving effects. When delivered transdermally through adhesive patches, capsaicin absorbs efficiently with few side effects.

Using Capsicum Patches for Back Pain Relief

Capsicum patches are easy to use at home: 

- Apply 1  patch daily to the painful back area

- Works within minutes, lasting 8+ hours

- Effects compound over 2-3 weeks of continuous use 

KONGDY Capsicum patches are worthy of your trust. If you want to know more information, you are always welcome to consult us

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