Feeling the Heat: An Introducing the Capsicum Patch

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Capsicum Patches harness the power of hot peppers to deliver targeted, soothing relief right to your pain sites for up to 12 hours. The mess-free patches are easy to apply and remove. Just stick on and feel the heat go to work!

Who is the Capsicum Patch For?

The Capsicum Patch can help a wide range of people suffering from chronic pain conditions, including:

- Arthritis - Reduces inflammation in painful joints

- Back pain - Supports lower, middle, or upper back discomfort  

- Nerve pain - Eases damaged or irritated nerve tissues  

- Muscle aches - Soothes sore, tense, or overworked muscles

- Sports injuries - Speeds recovery from sprains, strains or bruises

- Migraines and headaches - Provides an alternative pain relief option 

The patch suits adults who prefer not to take oral pain medications or apply messy creams. It's easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

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How Does It Work? 

The Capsicum Patch works through a multi-pronged approach:

1. Capsaicin in capsicum activates warmth receptors in the skin, blocking pain signals from reaching the brain

2. Increased blood flow to the applied area improves circulation, and oxygen, and speeds healing

3. Reduced substance P levels minimize inflammation and discomfort

The result is targeted, soothing relief that lasts for hours!

Place the Patch Correctly

Proper placement is key to getting the most pain relief from your Capsicum Patch:

- Joint pain: Apply the patch a few inches from the painful joint

- Back pain: Stick on the lower back to the left, right or center 

- Nerve pain: Place along the pathway of the affected nerve

- Muscle pain: Position near the borders of the sore muscle 

Be careful not to apply directly over irritated skin or wounds. Follow package directions for safe usage.

Experience Life Pain-Free!

Don’t let injuries, headaches, or chronic conditions control your life. Order the convenient Capsicum Patch today to finally stop suffering and start living! Check out our products page for ordering information.