How Do Back Pain Plasters Work?

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Back Pain Plasters- Here's How They Work:

Back pain can make daily life miserable. But before reaching for oral painkillers, consider trying medicated back pain plasters. These innovative patches deliver targeted relief right to the source of pain. Read on to learn how these plasters work and how to use them for optimal back pain relief.

Continuous Pain Medicine Delivery

Medicated back pain plasters contain active ingredients such as methyl salicylate, menthol, or capsaicin. These medications are embedded in the adhesive plaster material. Once applied to the skin, body heat causes the ingredients to gradually migrate from the plasters into the skin. This creates a continuous delivery of pain-relieving medicine to affected areas for hours.

Which Ingredients Relieve Back Pain? 

The active ingredients in medicated plasters work in different ways:

- Methyl Salicylate - This aspirin-like compound blocks pain signals and inflammation.

- Menthol - Creates a cooling sensation to dull pain. Also distracts the nerves from transmitting pain signals.

- Capsaicin - Reduces the skin's sensitivity to pain by desensitizing pain nerve fibers. 

Key Benefits of Back Pain Plaster Use

Back pain plasters offer important advantages:

- Targeted Relief - Plaster ingredients absorb directly into the painful area instead of circulating through the whole body.

- Easy to Use - Just peel and stick on like a bandage. No pills to swallow.

- All-Day Relief - Effects can last for 8-12 hours from a single plaster.

- Fewer Systemic Side Effects - Very little medicine enters the bloodstream so side effects are minimal.

- Portable Pain Management - Small, discreet plasters are easy to use anywhere, anytime.

Tips for Using Back Pain Plaster

Follow these tips to achieve the best results when using medicated back pain plasters:

- Clean and dry skin before use to aid absorption.

- Apply to the most painful area of the back.

- Cut plasters to size if needed to target pain location. 

- Use plasters as needed but limit to one per day.

- Do not apply plasters over irritated or broken skin.

- Try different plaster ingredients to determine which works best.

- Pair with heat for enhanced absorption and relief.

Medicated back plasters offer simple, targeted relief that can help back pain flare-ups. 

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