How to Find a Reputable OEM CBD Patch Partner

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Finding the Best OEM CBD Patch Manufacturer for Your Brand

Looking to develop your own white-label CBD patch products but don’t know where to start with manufacturing? Choosing the right OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partner is critical. 

Here are tips for finding a CBD patch producer that meets your brand's needs:

Vet Potential Partners Thoroughly 

- Research companies’ industry experience with CBD patches specifically 

- Learn their extraction methods, ingredient sourcing, and production standards

- Review current client testimonials and brand partnerships for insight 

Assess Their Quality Control and Testing

- Rigorous in-house and 3rd party testing ensures safety, purity, and label accuracy

- Ask about testing protocols for contaminants, potency/efficiency 

- Review recent certificates of analysis for cannabinoid profiles

CompareOEM CBD patch Order Capabilities  

- Evaluate a range of formula, packaging, and labeling customization options   

- Order minimums, production capacity, and lead times impact budgets

- Personalized support, fulfillment services, and compliance advice are also useful

Analyze Pricing for Overall Value  

- Request quotes outlining all patch production and customization costs

- Compare pricing models (per patch, bulk rates) from multiple producers  

- Ensure affordable pricing aligns with quality standards 

Tour Facilities In-Person If Possible

- Directly witness their extraction tools, ingredients, and manufacturing processes   

- Allows thorough assessment of compliance, sanitation, and security protocols  

Vetting OEM CBD patch partners carefully ensures you find the right match for your brand’s specific goals

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