Keep Your Body Warm with Adhesive Heating Patches

Release time:2023-10-07    Click:120

01. How Do Body Heat Patches Work?

Body heat patches produce gentle warmth through a chemical reaction when the ingredients are exposed to oxygen. Iron powder, salt, activated charcoal and water are common heat-generating compounds. The adhesive gel sticks to your skin and provides soothing heat.

02. Benefits of Body Warming Patches

Heat patches allow you to conveniently restore warmth to your core body or extremities. They are thin and discreet under or over clothing. The adhesive adheres directly to skin for instant heating. Heat patches are safe and avoid the risks of electric heating pads.


03. Where to Place Body Heat Patches

Large patches can be applied to the abdomen, back, or chest to warm your core. Use smaller patches to target cold hands, feet, knees and elbows. Placing them on pulse points helps circulate warmth through the body.

04. Using Body Heat Patches Effectively

Read and follow instructions to avoid burns from overheating. Drink warm fluids to amplify the warming effects. Apply before going outside in the cold. Bring extras when doing winter activities. Store in sealed bags to maintain freshness.

05. Convenient, Customizable Heating

Adhesive body heat patches provide soothing, portable warmth when and where you need it. Keep a supply handy to fight off chills this winter.