Manufacturer of Premium Cooling Gel Patches

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 Cooling Gel Patches Manufacturer 

At KONGDY, we specialize in manufacturing premium quality cooling gel patches for consumer and medical use. As a leading producer, we utilize state-of-the-art facilities and technology to create durable, effective cooling pads.

Our Cooling Patches provide instant pain and swelling relief through advanced cold therapy. We use a proprietary hydrogel formula that allows for optimal cold transfer and long-lasting cooling. The medical-grade gel conforms to the body for targeted cooling pain management.

What sets our Cooling gel patches manufacturing apart:

- Broad Product Line - We offer a wide range of sizes and styles of cooling pads for various applications. From small circular pads for joints to full headwraps for migraines.

- Innovative Gel Technology- Our gels maintain cooling for up to 8 hours. The latex-free formula is gentle on the skin.

- Precision Manufacturing - We use automated, high-tech equipment for consistent thickness, sizing, and sealing.

- Rigorous Testing - All materials and end products are tested to ensure optimal cooling and safety.

- FDA Compliant - Our pads comply fully with FDA guidelines and quality control regulations.

- OEM/Private Labeling - We offer custom manufacturing and private labeling services.

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Our Cooling Gel Patches provide proven relief for:

- Headaches - Cooling constricts blood vessels to relieve migraine pain.

- Fevers - Helps lower core temp for fever and flu symptom relief.

- Swelling - Reduces fluid buildup and inflammation in joints/injuries. 

- Muscle Strains - The numbing effect eases aches and discomfort.

From our material sourcing to the end product, we utilize industry best practices to create premium, effective gel patches. Our Cooling Patches are used in hospitals and home medicine cabinets worldwide.

We prioritize customer satisfaction through rigorous quality control and testing. Let us know how we can provide custom cooling pads for your needs. Contact us today to get started designing your cooling gel patch.

At KONGDY, we combine state-of-the-art technology with meticulous design to manufacture premium cooling Patches. Discover why top brands trust us for all their cooling gel patch needs. Reach out today to get started.