Maximizing Absorption: CBD Patch Placement Tips

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You've got your CBD patches, but do you know where on the body works best? Proper placement maximizes absorption for enhanced effects. 

Consider these  locations and recommendations:

Best Practices

Where you apply your CBD patch matters. Keep efficacy high by:

- Cleaning area to remove oil/dirt

- Rotating spots to avoid irritation  

- Checking for redness/reactions

Optimal Patch Placement Spots


The wrists balance discrete, steady absorption with easy access and visibility for patch changes. Just avoid areas that bend or rub frequently.


Slim ankles allow CBD to reach thin vascular networks quickly. Use the bony tops away from joints for consistent contact.


From shoulder to elbow, the arms offer flat absorption planes. The skin proves less sensitive as well for sustained adhesion.

Neck & Chest

The neck achieves fast entry into the carotid arteries and chest area allowing CBD to permeate the skin easiest. But visibility remains high.

Things to Avoid

Conversely, certain areas hamper reliable patch CBD delivery: 

- Sensitive skin regions

- Excess hair (reduces contact)

- Head & face (enters bloodstream unpredictably)

Now understanding better placement CBD Patch practices, find a rotation that fits your lifestyle. Stick to suggested areas for reliable daily relief.

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