Medicated Patches for Chronic Pain Relief

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Pain Relief Patch - Relieve Pain

For those suffering from ongoing chronic pain, getting relief can be a constant struggle. Taking oral pain medications long-term can come with unwanted side effects and potential dependency issues. This is why more people are turning to topical pain relief patches as a safer alternative.

Medicated pain relief patches allow for the direct delivery of pain-relieving ingredients to targeted areas. By going through the skin, medications can bypass the digestive system and spread locally to muscles, joints, and nerves. This results in effective pain management directly where you need it most.

How Do Pain Relief Patches Work?

Pain relief patches contain medications that are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Ingredients like lidocaine or menthol work by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. Other medications may reduce inflammation that can cause chronic pain. 

Once applied to clean skin, the adhesive patches deliver a consistent dose of medication over 8 to 12 hours. The most common over-the-counter ingredient found in pain relief patches is lidocaine, a topical numbing agent.

Benefits of Using Pain Relief Patches

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using pain relief patches for chronic discomfort:

- Bypass the digestive system and potential side effects of oral medications

- Direct delivery of pain medications to localized areas 

- Consistent 8-12 hour pain relief from one application

- Avoidance of systemic pain drug dependence or addiction

- Easy to use and apply to affected areas as needed

- Less risk of adverse side effects compared to oral NSAIDs

Types of Chronic Pain Treated with Medicated Pain Patches 

Pain relief patches can be used to treat a wide variety of persistent pain conditions including:

- Arthritis - Reduces inflammation and joint pain in the hands, knees or hips.

- Simple backache - Targets muscular soreness and pain.

- Strains and sprains - Eases soreness from injuries like pulled muscles.

- Stiff neck - Soothes soreness and lack of mobility in the neck.  

- Sore shoulders - Alleviates pain from overuse or injury.

- Bruises - Numbs and decreases pain from deep bruises.

- Carpal tunnel syndrome - Numb and relieves wrist and hand pain. 

- Sciatica - Diminishes shooting lower back and leg pain.

    Medicated pain relief patches provide a simple way to manage ongoing chronic pain discreetly and effectively. Henan Kangdi Medical Device Co., Ltd has been focusing on medical patches and herbal plasters for more than 30 years, with an experienced professional team and advanced international equipment to provide the best service and products to our customers.