Menstrual Heating Patch: Placement Advice

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Menstrual Heating Patch

Menstrual cramps affect over 90% of menstruating women, causing disruptive pain that can make it hard to focus at work, enjoy time with friends, or even get a good night's sleep. Popping pills provide temporary relief at best, but come with side effects you shouldn't have to endure. 

How Do Menstrual Heating Patches Work?

Adhesive heating patches contain natural ingredients that react when exposed to air, creating a gentle warming sensation. This therapeutic heat relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to ease cramps. It also blocks pain signals in the body and brain for comforting relief.

When Should You Apply a Menstrual Patch?

Apply the patch at the first sign of cramping discomfort. Peak warmth occurs about 30 minutes after application and lasts up to 8-12 hours. For all-day relief, apply in the morning at the start of cramps. 

Where is the Best Placement for Relief?

For optimal cramp relief, position the patch:

Lower Abdomen

Place the patch directly over the point of greatest pain. For many women, this is 1-3 inches below the belly button. Center the patch over this spot.

Lower Back

Some women experience intense cramping radiating to the lower back and hips. Position a second patch over this area of referred pain.

Along the Pubic Bone 

Run the patch horizontally along the pubic bone, where you can often feel the uterus contracting.

Tips for Maximizing Relief

- Use a large patch to cover the entire lower abdomen

- Smaller patches can pinpoint specific spots of pain  

- Heat before and during periods helps prevent cramps

- Limit patch use to 8-12 hours to avoid skin irritation

- Never apply a patch over irritated or damaged skin

Added Benefits

Beyond cramp relief, properly placed heating patches can also:

- Allow you to carry on your daily activities 

- Provide portable pain relief at work, school, or travel

- Promote healing by increasing uterine blood flow

With some experimentation to find your optimal placement, menstrual heating patches can provide natural, soothing relief month after month. Follow directions carefully and enjoy the freedom to power through your period in comfort.