OEM CBD Patches: Quality and Consistency Guaranteed

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The CBD patch market grows increasingly saturated with new brands focused more on profit than people. Cutting corners during manufacturing leads to inconsistent quality for patients relying on these products for relief.  At KONGDY, we stake our reputation on guarantees around uniformity and excellence as an OEM CBD patch manufacturer.

Vertical Oversight From Raw Ingredients to Final Packaging  

As we shepherd every CBD patch from seed to sale, KONGDY assumes direct oversight for:

- Rigorous 3rd party testing and verification

- Proprietary cannabinoid extraction methods

- Fidelity during transdermal encapsulation  

- Stringent final quality control checks

These measures enforce reliable standards in a market lacking regulation.

Precision Dosing Backed by Innovation

Our patented delivery membranes instill precision within the inherent variability of natural plants. Engineering consistent diffusion:  

- Normalizes the potency irregularities between crops

- Streamlines effect onset and duration

- Allows accurate tapering  

Partner with a Leader Dedicated to the Details

KONGDY brings pharmaceutical standards to the CBD patch industry through our end-to-end process mastery. Each custom order benefits from three decades of perfecting transdermal manufacturing - increasing access without compromising safety. We lead by example.

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