OEM Capsicum Patch—Ensuring High-Quality Standards

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Companies seeking a high-quality OEM capsicum patch partner require assurances of excellence. Condi's capsicum patches check every box when safety, purity, potency, and customer service are top priorities.

Stringent Sourcing and Production

begins from premium raw ingredients ethically sourced from reputable suppliers. Production adheres to GMP standards in a certified facility including:

- Pure capsaicin isolate for 8% potency

- Medical-grade adhesives for safe skin application

- Precision quality control at each step

This rigorous approach curates the exceptional purity and effectiveness customers expect from a capsicum patch.

Prioritizing Consumer Health and Safety

KONGDY refuses to cut corners that jeopardize consumer safety. OEM clients and end-users alike can rely on:

- Biocompatibility tests ensuring skin compatibility

- Chemical analysis for contaminant screening

- Clinical trials confirming safety and efficacy

- Full compliance certification from oversight agencies

The OEM Capsicum Patch Difference

With Kangdi as your OEM partner, enjoy perks like:

- Complete customization regarding sizing, capsaicin percentage, packaging, and more

- Seamless integration with your branding   

- Rapid scaling to meet demand spikes  

- Discount pricing for bulk orders without sacrificing quality

Bring your capsicum patch vision to life by leveraging Kangdi experts in manufacturing, quality assurance, graphic design, and customer service.

For OEM capsicum patches made to impress customers and retailers alike, KONGDY paves the path to success. Reach out today to get started.

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