OEM Cooling gel Patches- Tailor Them to Your Needs

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OEM Cooling gel Patches


In the growing market of wearable technology, cooling patches have emerged as an innovative method of thermoregulation. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), create customized cooling patches tailored to each client's specific requirements through our OEM services. By partnering with KONGDY, brands can establish themselves in the rapidly expanding cooling patch sector.

The Soaring Demand for OEM Cooling Gel Patches

Advanced hydrogel technology enables cooling patches to provide up to 8 hours of cooling relief. Analysts predict that with applications spanning sports, medical care, and beyond, the demand for OEM cooling patches presents immense potential. KONGDY's OEM capabilities allow clients to capitalize on this exponentially growing market.

Optimizing KONGDY's Materials and Technology

When developing OEM cooling patches, a meticulous selection of hydrogel materials and cooling technology is crucial. Factors such as cooling intensity, duration, and skin adhesion must be balanced. KONGDY conducts extensive testing of hydrogel compositions and crosslinking techniques to optimize patch efficacy. Both physical cooling methods, leveraging heat absorption, and chemical cooling methods, utilizing endothermic reactions, are analyzed to determine the ideal approach based on the client's needs. KONGDY's OEM experts help brands evaluate these technical considerations.

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Customizing Shape and Size 

A key advantage of KONGDY's OEM cooling patches is the ability to customize shape and size. Where on the body will the patch be applied? What surface area is needed to achieve the required cooling effect? KONGDY works with clients to determine the optimal dimensions and geometry. With our OEM capabilities, we can manufacture cooling patches in exclusive shapes and sizes per each brand's specifications, facilitating customization for target demographics and applications.

Building Your Brand with KONGDY 

An impactful brand strategy is instrumental in propelling a cooling patch product to success. KONGDY's OEM team imprints each patch with the client's unique logo and brand name. We develop tailored packaging that effectively communicates the product's benefits and differentiates it from competing brands. Leveraging labeling and packaging personalization strengthens brand awareness and loyalty over time. 


The soaring demand for high-performance cooling patches presents a prime opportunity to launch an OEM product line. KONGDY's OEM expertise in materials, technology, customization, and branding enables brands to create cooling patches that precisely match their customers' thermoregulation requirements. Our OEM capabilities turn client visions into reality and establish them as leaders in the rapidly evolving cooling patch sphere.