OEM Heat Patch - Start Your Project with KONGDY

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As developers of premier OEM heat patch solutions, KONGDY stands ready to make your concepts a reality. For over 30 years, we have produced customized heating products to meet unique client needs. With extensive expertise spanning design, compliance, sourcing, manufacturing, and delivery, KONGDY has the end-to-end capabilities to support bringing your heat patch innovations to life efficiently and economically. 

Why Choose KONGDY as Your OEM Heat Patch Partner?

Technology and Innovation

- Proprietary heating technology allows customized heat output, temperature, and duration

- Novel materials research for improved flexibility, breathability, and comfort 

Quality and Safety

- Stringent safety testing protocols exceed industry standards

- Consistent manufacturing standards delivered at scale  

- Biocompatibility assessments for medical device compliance

Responsive Collaboration

- Attentive customer support throughout the OEM process

- Fast prototyping and sample turnaround time

- Design and engineering guidance to enhance functionality  

Cost and Time Savings

- Streamlined development powered by experience  

- Global supply chain ensures stability and value

- Efficient mass production capability  

The KONGDY Advantage

Research and Concept Development  

Our expert R&D engineers support bringing creative heat patch ideas to life, no matter how novel. We help assess technical viability, ideate design enhancements, and formulate heating solutions tailored to your needs.  

Design and Engineering  

With years of data and expertise, KONGDY optimizes heat patch development for performance, manufacturability, and cost efficiency. This sets up a smooth transition to production.

Prototyping and Testing

We produce sample prototypes to fine-tune the product. Extensive evaluations guarantee safety and effectiveness before larger-scale production.  

Compliance and Certifications   

We oversee securing necessary medical devices and regulatory approvals to expand global accessibility.

Manufacturing and Logistics  

Leveraging established factories and suppliers, we manufacture at scale once perfected then coordinate shipping and inventory management tailored to you.  

Private Label Branding

We provide custom printing, labeling, and packaging design services, applying your brand for a personalized look and feel.  

Bring your heat patch concept to life with KONGDY as your ally through every stage from ideation to shipment. 

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