OEM Pain Relief Patch: Customize your private label

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OEM Pain Relief Patch

Offer your own branded topical pain relief by partnering with an OEM patch manufacturer. Work with specialists to customize ingredients, sizes, packaging, and more based on your requirements. 

Benefits of private labeling pain relief patches

Getting OEM patches made for your brand offers many advantages:

Distinct branding - Make the patches readily identifiable as your own product.

Customization - Tailor patches to your desired strength, shape, ingredients, and duration.

Cost efficiency - Avoid expenditures involved in in-house manufacturing and R&D.

Fast launch - Get your pain relief patches to market quickly by leveraging the OEM's expertise.

Quality assurance - Reputable OEMs ensure high-quality standards and compliance. 

Factors to consider when choosing a patch OEM

Consider these key points when selecting a pain patch OEM partner:

Experience- Look for an established company with years of expertise.

Specialization - Choose an OEM focused specifically on patches for better outcomes.

Manufacturing capabilities - Partner with an OEM able to produce patches in your required format like pouches, pads, or packs.

Ingredients - Confirm they can source and use the active ingredients you want at desired strengths.

Minimum order quantities - Check if their MOQs align with your projected order volumes.

Customization options for OEM pain relief patches

Work closely with your OEM partner to fine-tune patch properties for your brand:


- **Analgesics** - Lidocaine, ibuprofen, diclofenac, salicylates

- **Counterirritants** - Menthol, methyl salicylate, capsaicin

- **Anti-inflammatories** - Ketoprofen, naproxen, celecoxib

- **Transdermal carriers** - Hydrogels, liposomes, cyclodextrins 

Patch format

- **Pouches** - Thin, flat, envelope-type packs

- **Pads** - Thicker padded patches with adhesive backing

- **Bands** - Wraparound strips for knees, ankles, shoulders

Size and shape

- **Small** - 1-inch squares for fingers, toes

- **Large** - 4 x 4 inches for back, neck, knees 

- **Body-shaped** - Contoured patches for precise placement


- **Individual wraps** - Sterile, tamper-proof packaging

- **Boxes** - Custom print boxes with your unique brand designs

- **Instructions** - Usage directions and ingredient information

Marketing your own brand of pain relief patches

Promote your private label patches by:

- Creating brand awareness through social media marketing and influencer campaigns.

- Running online promotions and contests to engage customers.

- Listing on major ecommerce sites and your own website's shop section.

- Getting shelf space in pharmacies, grocery chains, and specialty health stores.

- Attending relevant trade shows and conventions to showcase your OEM patches.

By partnering with the right OEM, you can launch your own successful line of topical pain relief products. Invest in customization to make your private label patches resonate with your target consumers.

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