Order Menstrual Heating Patches in Bulk for Your Stores

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As a retailer, you’re always looking for new and innovative products to meet your customers’ needs. One category that’s growing in popularity is menstrual heating patches for cramp relief. Stocking quality menstrual patches in bulk from a trusted supplier  KONGDY allows you to offer shoppers fast relief while profiting from this in-demand segment.

The Menstrual Patch Trend

Discreet, wearable menstrual heating patches are taking off with women seeking drug-free, natural pain management. Patches provide soothing warmth directly to the lower abdomen for 6-8 hours of relief from cramps, soreness, bloating, and fatigue. As oral painkillers lose appeal, menstrual patches present an opportunity.

Why KONGDY for Bulk Orders 

KONGDY is a leading manufacturer of effective menstrual heating patches. 

Reasons to order from them include:

- OEM patches custom-designed for your needs and branding

- Wholesale pricing with bulk order discounts 

- High-quality medical grade adhesive for staying power

- Maximum heating time for long-lasting relief

- Tried and tested herbal ingredients women love

- Fast production and shipping times

- Stellar customer service Team

Range of Patches Available

KONGDY offers a wide selection of patches to stock including:

- Menstrual Patches -menstrual cramp relief Best Selling Products

- Herbal Relief Patches - Uses chamomile, ginger, and other herbs

- Menstrual Warming Patches - Capsicum extracts for soothing warmth

- Green Tea Menthol Patches - Cooling effect combats inflammation

Place Bulk Orders Easily

Getting started with KONGDY is simple:

- Browse their menstrual patch collection online

- Decide which varieties you want to stock

- Request a bulk order quote with discounts

- Provide branding and packaging preferences 

- Approve samples before full production

- Patches are shipped quickly in custom packaging

Give your female shoppers the relief they want minus the pills. Stock trusted, affordable KONGDY menstrual heating patches in bulk supply right on your shelves. Contact KONGDY today to access special wholesale pricing!

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