How Our Pain Relief Patches Can Help Manage Your Chronic Pain

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Pain relief patches: Helping you manage chronic pain

Chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, or injuries can be debilitating and affect every aspect of life. When oral medication brings more problems than relief, transdermal pain patches offer a simple way to manage persistent pain.

Why Use Pain Patches for Chronic Pain? 

Pain relief patches allow direct delivery of analgesics to pain receptors under the skin without going through the liver first. This provides:

- Consistent dosing over 24 hours from a single patch

- Avoid GI side effects common with oral medication  

- Option for those who cannot tolerate or are sensitive to oral drugs

- Easy to use and apply discreetly

- Improved mobility and flexibility during activities

How Do Pain Relief Patches Work?

Our patented transdermal patch technology delivers pain medication efficiently across skin barriers. The adhesive patch is applied to clean dry skin near the source of pain. 

The drug compound diffuses from the patch reservoir into the skin and spreads through the capillary network before entering the systemic circulation.

This optimized delivery results in consistent drug absorption over the patch wear period.

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Formulations to Manage Different Chronic Pain

We offer pain relief patches with customized formulations for:

- Arthritic joint pain - Diclofenac, ketoprofen

- Neuropathic nerve pain - Lidocaine, capsaicin

- Fibromyalgia - Menthol, camphor 

- Back pain - Methyl salicylate, trolamine salicylate

Improve Daily Function with KONGDY Pain Patches

KONGDY engineers each pain patch to provide optimal drug delivery tailored to your needs:

- Precisely manufactured in climate-controlled cleanrooms

- Extended patch wear time of up to 24 hours

- Superior adhesion and breathability

- Custom drug types, strengths and stability

- Tolerable and non-irritating for long-term use

- Simple and non-invasive application

Take control of your chronic pain. Contact KONGDY today to find out how our pain relief patches can help you regain mobility and improve your quality of life.