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Discover KONGDY, the leading global manufacturer of pain relief patches for safe, effective relief without pills.

About KONGDY Pain Patches

For over 30 years, KONGDY has perfected the medical patch production process to deliver transdermal solutions you can trust.

What Makes KONGDY Patch Products Stand Out:

- State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities 

- Rigorously tested formulas for potency and purity

- Time-released delivery system

- Careful ingredient sourcing 

- Specialist R&D team stays on cutting edge 

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The Complete Range of KONGDY Patches 

We offer patches for all levels of pain relief and prevention needs:

Low-Dose Pain Relief Patches

Gentle but effective relief for minor aches and discomfort. Ideal for daily muscle tension.

Mid-Dose Pain Management Patches  

Moderate strength for common back/joint pain and arthritis flare-ups. Our most popular option.

Maximum Strength Pain Patches

The highest potency patch formulas for severe or chronic pain. Long-lasting relief all day.

Pain Blocking Medicated Patches

Timed-release anesthetic ingredients to temporarily block pain signals. Great before activities.  

Soothing Heat Pain Relief Patches

Patches generate gentle soothing heat while delivering pain-fighting medication.

Whether you have mild, moderate, or severe pain, trust our pain patches specifically engineered to provide the relief you need. 

Common Conditions We Treat:

- Back, neck, knee, shoulder, joint pain

- Arthritis, strains, sprains  

- Headaches and migraines

- Post-surgical pain

- Sports injuries, cramps, soreness

Our medical Pain Relief Patches bypass the risks of oral pain medications so you get targeted relief.