Porous Capsicum Plasters_good capsicum plaster

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Porous Capsicum Plasters_good capsicum plaster

Porous Capsicum plasters are a popular topical pain relief option containing capsaicin, an active ingredient derived from chili peppers. Porous Capsicum Plasters are good capsicum plaster

Here's a look at why porous capsicum plasters make the best option:

In traditional capsaicin plasters, the capsaicin sits on the surface of the adhesive. With porous capsicum plasters, the capsaicin is distributed evenly through tiny holes in the adhesive. This allows for more direct absorption deep into the skin for better pain relief.  

What are the functions of Porous Capsicum Plasters?

The microporous adhesive also creates a breathable environment. Standard capsaicin plasters seal off the skin, trapping in heat and moisture. Porous plasters allow air exchange to keep the skin cooler and drier. This enhances comfort and reduces irritation. Thanks to the porous technology, capsaicin is released steadily over 8 to 12 hours. Typical capsaicin plasters provide just 2 to 4 hours of relief before the capsaicin is completely absorbed. The sustained release of porous plasters means longer-lasting relief.

Porous capsaicin plasters are ideal for lower back pain, arthritis, strains, bruises, and other muscle and joint aches. The thin, flexible plasters contour to the body for a customizable fit. Simply apply the plaster to clean, dry skin and experience hours of comfort.

For effective, long-lasting localized pain relief, choose Kang di  Capsicum Plasters, our microporous technology allows for optimal absorption while keeping skin happy.

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