Promote Your Brand with a Quality OEM pain relief patch

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Offering private-label pain relief patches allows you to promote your brand while providing real value and relief to customers. Partnering with the right OEM manufacturer is key to creating a quality, effective product.  Developing your brand of topical pain relief products can be a major boost for your company. 

KONGDY Offers Premier OEM pain patch Manufacturing

As an industry leader in OEM pharmaceuticals and supplements for over 30 years, KONGDY has unparalleled expertise in developing custom pain relief patches for brands big and small.  

When you collaborate with KONGDY, you get:

🛡️ Complete Customization

KONGDY’s R&D team works directly with your team to understand your brand identity and vision. We help you customize the patch size, shape, ingredients, packaging, and more to perfectly align with your brand story.  

⚗️ State-of-the-Art Production

Our world-class ISO-certified factories implement pharmaceutical-grade production standards for quality and consistency in every patch. We utilize the most advanced equipment for precision dosing.

🔬 Rigorous Testing 

Each production run undergoes extensive laboratory testing to validate that ingredients, potency, adhesion, and other critical quality metrics meet specifications. We provide full testing reports.

🌎 Global Distribution Network 

KONGDY leverages relationships with major online retailers like Amazon, pharmacies, and health stores to help distribute your custom patches worldwide. Our supply chain ensures timely production and shipping.

Benefits of Offering Private Label Pain Patches

Offering OEM pain relief patches from KONGDY allows you to promote your own branded, differentiated product to consumers. This provides major advantages:

👉 Cost Effective R&D

Eliminate the high cost of internal formulation development by leveraging KONGDY’s expertise. Bring products to market faster and cheaper.

👉 Focus on Your Brand Story

Our flexible process makes it simple to tell your brand’s unique story on the product packaging and marketing materials. 

👉 Broaden Product Portfolio 

Quickly expand your product line to satisfy customer needs and drive incremental revenue. Frequent buyers love brand consistency.

Partner with the  OEM Pain Relief Patch  Experts

KONGDY empowers companies small and large to promote their brand to consumers with quality, reliable OEM pain relief patches produced at our state-of-the-art facilities. Our R&D experts work collaboratively with your team so you get a tailored product that meets your exact business needs while delivering real value and pain relief to your customers.

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