Quality Pain Relief Patches Manufacturing at its Finest

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 Pain Relief Patch

When it comes to effective and reliable pain management, top-quality manufacturing is essential. As a leading pain relief patch OEM, KONGDY specializes in innovative manufacturing technologies to produce the highest quality pain patches on the market. 

Our state-of-the-art factory is cGMP and ISO-certified, following strict international quality standards. We utilize the most advanced production techniques to craft precision pain patches with consistent drug distribution and delivery.

Sophisticated Patch Manufacturing Technologies  

Our precise manufacturing process allows us to create pain patches with complex dot matrix designs that enhance the rapid absorption of active ingredients. Our specialized coating machines apply the drug reservoir layer with micro-level accuracy for targeted pain relief.

We implement innovative rotogravure printing to produce patches with consistent thickness and elegant appearance. For larger batches, we use high-speed automated production lines to efficiently manufacture pain patches at scale.

Stringent Quality Testing and Assurance

At KONGDY, we adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and perform rigorous quality testing at every stage:

- Raw Material Inspection - Ensure purity and potency of ingredients

- In-Process Testing – Check thickness, weight, and drug content 

- Finished Product Testing – Validate adhesive strength, peel force, packaging

- Accelerated Stability Testing – Confirm shelf life via temperature and humidity tests

Our advanced quality control and sophisticated testing equipment guarantee each pain relief patch meets the highest quality benchmarks for safety and efficacy. 

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Uncompromising Standards for Consistent Relief 

By partnering with KONGDY for your OEM pain patch manufacturing, you can trust each batch to deliver proven pain relief every time. Our rigorous quality protocols give you the confidence that your brand only provides the finest topical pain solutions.

With over a decade of experience and expertise, KONGDY leads the way in innovative pain patch manufacturing. The results speak for themselves: effective pain relief, happy customers, and successful brands.

Bring your vision for a pain relief patch to life with OEM manufacturing excellence. With KONGDY as your partner, you can be confident in delivering consistent relief to your customers with products manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Contact KONGDY today to get started with the highest quality pain patch manufacturing available and make your pain relief brand a market leader.