Steps for Pain Relief Patches OEM

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Steps for Pain Relief Patches OEM

If you are looking to partner with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to produce your own branded pain relief patches, there are some key steps to take for a successful partnership. As a renowned pain patch OEM, KONGDY has over 30 years of experience helping brands develop effective and safe topical pain solutions. 

Research and Select Ingredients

The first step is researching and selecting high-quality active ingredients that are clinically proven to help manage pain. Common over-the-counter (OTC) pain relief ingredients include menthol, camphor, lidocaine, diclofenac, salicylates, capsaicin, and hemp-derived CBD. Consult with formulation experts at your OEM partner to determine the right ingredients to achieve your desired strength and duration of relief.

Design the Patch Matrix 

Next, work with your OEM’s R&D team to design an optimal patch matrix or reservoir to deliver the active ingredients into the skin at the right rate. Factors like patch size, adhesive material, thickness, and consistency of the matrix all impact the patch performance. Your OEM partner can leverage proprietary technologies to enhance the delivery of actives through the skin barrier.

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Determine Clinical Testing Needs

Depending on the type of pain relief claims you want to make, clinical testing may be required to prove the efficacy and safety of your patches. Reputable OEMs like KONGDY have in-house capabilities to design and conduct clinical trials in partnership with medical institutions. Clinical data will strengthen your marketing and instill consumer confidence.

Select Packaging and Label Design 

Your OEM should provide packaging options like sachets or boxes to keep the patches protected. The packaging also represents your brand, so ensure your logo, colors, and label content align with your image. Your OEM can help navigate legal requirements for product information, warnings, etc. on the label.

Set Up Manufacturing and Quality Systems

A key benefit of working with an OEM is leveraging their expertise in compliant manufacturing and quality control. Top OEMs adhere to international quality standards and undergo regular audits. By partnering with KONGDY, you gain access to our GMP-certified factory with advanced production technologies for efficient manufacturing.

Register and Commercialize Your Product

The final step is working with your OEM to register your pain relief patch in your target markets and execute commercialization strategies. Your OEM partner can provide regulatory guidance for markets like the US, EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, and more. With an effective product and marketing plan, you’ll be ready to launch your uniquely branded pain patch using the OEM model.

Partnering with an experienced OEM provides the fastest route to bring your own safe, effective pain patch to market. Contact KONGDY today to develop the next generation of topical pain relief.