The 2023 Guide to Buying Pain Relief Patches

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Pain relief patches to alleviate discomfort directly where it originates. But with the growing number of OTC patch options for conditions like back pain, arthritis, strains, and more, how should consumers choose? Follow this comprehensive 2023 guide covering considerations around ingredients, dosing, size, adhesive factors, and proper usage when purchasing the best pain relief patch for your needs.

Pain patches Key Active Ingredients

Ideal pain relieving patches contain some blend of the following effective medicinal components:

• Menthol – Provides a cooling sensation that distracts nerves from transmitting pain signals. Also boosts permeability to speed transdermal ingredient absorption.  

• Methyl salicylate – This topical analgesic found in plants like wintergreen blocks pain receptor signaling.

• Lidocaine – The gold standard topical anesthetic numbs by interrupting pain signal transmission along nerves. 

• Capsaicin – Found in hot peppers, this compound alleviates muscle and joint discomfort by reducing inflammatory substance secretion.

Appropriate Strength and Delivery  

Only apply patch types and medication levels suitable for your age range and pain severity based on package labeling. Seek sustained-release patches that slowly diffuse therapeutic ingredients through the skin over 8+ hours. This avoids unsafe high concentrations while enabling all-day relief.

Carefully Check Adhesive

The adhesive must keep the pain patch firmly in place on joints or flexible areas for many hours despite movement and moisture. Yet it should avoid significant skin irritation. Ensure the adhesive is hypoallergenic, water-resistant, and latex-free for sensitive skin. Rounded patch corners also minimize discomfort.  

Proper Patch Placement  

Follow instructions regarding ideal patch body placement to target affected muscles or joints. Specific areas provide better absorption too. Some patches come in large and small sizes to better deliver ingredients depending on location.

Safe Use Reminders

- Don't cut patches or use external heat sources that alter medication release. 

- Rotate areas patched and let the skin recover between wearings.

- Read and adhere to all packaged safety directions.

With an understanding of these pain relief patch selection criteria, consumers can better identify and use products that safely provide the desired alleviation of muscle aches, arthritis, and other discomforts. 

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