The Capsicum Patch Cometh: Turning up the Heat on Aches and Pains

Release time:2023-12-07    Click:168

Move over arnica, there’s a new natural painkiller climbing the ranks - the Capsicum Patch. Infused with the active compound found in hot peppers, this inventive patch provides soothing relief using the power of heat. Read on to discover how it works and why doctors and patients alike are welcoming the capsicum patch with open arms.

What’s in the Patch? 

The key ingredient in capsicum patches is - you guessed it - capsicum extract. When capsaicin meets human skin and nerves, it stimulates heat and pain sensors. Initially, you feel a warm tingle. But this ultimately desensitizes pain receptors and blocks inflammatory neuropeptides.

This concept isn’t new - creams and gels with capsicum extract have been used for years. However, a sustained-release patch allows for optimal absorption.  That means more capsaicin sinking deeper to relieve muscular aches, nerve pain, arthritis, and back discomfort.

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Why the Delivery Makes a Difference 

The genius behind capsicum patches lies in the timed-release delivery. As the concentrated capsicum seeps into the skin, it creates a depot effect. Rather than quickly absorbing or evaporating like a liquid or cream, the adhesive patch provides a steady infusion over 8 to 12 hours. 

Additionally, capsicum patches allow for site-specific application without migration or waste. Stick the patch right over the pain source - knee, shoulder, lower back, wherever needed. 

The convenient hands-free patches also conform to the body’s contours. And they won’t rub or slip off. 

Heating Pain Relief’s Future  

As innovative drug-free pain modalities garner attention, count on capsicum patch remedies to dominate the conversation. The spice is right for this inventive infrared therapy-meets-pain relief option. Bid farewell to old standards as the capsicum patch steps in to turn up the soothing heat.