Tiger Balm Plaster - The Effective Pain Relief Patch

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For quick, convenient pain relief, Tiger Balm Plaster  provide an easy solution. These thin patches deliver powerful natural pain relief straight to the source of discomfort. 

What is Tiger Balm Plaster?

Tiger Balm plaster is a thin, flexible, adhesive patch infused with concentrated herbal extracts. Key ingredients include:

- Camphor - Analgesic, anti-inflammatory

- Menthol - Analgesic, cooling sensation

- Cajeput oil - Analgesic, anti-spasmodic 

- Clove oil - Analgesic, antioxidant

By sticking the patch directly on skin near pain, the active ingredients penetrate deep to relieve muscle, joint, and back pain fast.

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Benefits of Tiger Balm Plaster

Tiger Balm plasters have several advantages over oral painkillers:

- Targeted relief - Focus ingredients right where you need them

- Fast acting - Feel relief in as little as 10-20 minutes

- Long lasting - Effects last up to 8 hours 

- Easy to use - Apply and go, no mess or hassle

- Low odor - Light herbal scent vs. strong menthol smell

- Portable - Packs easily for on-the-go pain relief

- Safe - Uses natural active ingredients

Tiger Balm plaster provides effective temporary relief without the side effects of oral NSAIDs or acetaminophen.

Effectiveness for Various Pains 

Clinical studies show Tiger Balm plaster significantly reduces pain from:

- Back and shoulder strains

- Arthritis in knees, fingers, hips

- Muscle tension and soreness 

- Joint and muscle injuries - sprains, strains

- Overwork pain and fatigue

Within minutes, feel cooling, warming, and numbness soothe away nagging, persistent, or acute pain. The plaster also improves circulation to speed healing.

How to Use 

Use Tiger Balm plaster for temporary relief of minor aches and pains:

- Apply to clean, dry skin near the painful area

- For large areas, cut plaster to desired size first

- Rub firmly to activate adhesive edges

- Reapply every 8 hours if needed

- Do not use on wounds or damaged skin

With its blend of analgesic herbs in an easy-to-use delivery system, Tiger Balm plaster is an effective, non-messy pain relief solution. Keep a pack handy to help manage life’s everyday aches.