Tiger Capsicum Plaster: A Fast-Acting Topical Analgesic

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Tiger Capsicum Plaster offers a fast-acting topical analgesic solution. Derived from extracts of Capsicum annuum peppers, this medicated plaster harnesses the power of capsaicin to disrupt pain transmission when applied to the skin. 

Unlike oral painkillers that must be processed through the digestive system, the capsaicin in Tiger Capsicum Plaster is absorbed transdermally. This enables direct delivery to pain receptors in the area of application. Users report feeling increased blood flow and warmth within 15-30 minutes as capsaicin takes effect.

Tiger Capsicum contains an 8% concentration of capsaicin along with camphor and menthol for additional analgesic effects. This triple-action formula provides potent, localized pain relief by desensitizing pain nerve fibers so fewer pain signals reach the brain.

Clinical studies demonstrate Tiger Capsicum’s efficacy in treating post-surgical pain, lower back pain, osteoarthritic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, strains and sprains, and neuropathic pain. Consistent application results in cumulative benefits as nerve endings become deactivated.

Tiger Capsicum’s transdermal delivery system avoids common side effects of oral analgesics like NSAID-induced stomach ulcers and bleeding. Only mild skin irritation may occur as nerves adjust to capsaicin. For best results, apply Tiger Capsicum directly to clean, dry skin and replace the plaster every 24 hours.

Kongdy Tiger Capsicum Plaster is an effective topical analgesic that leverages the power of capsaicin. 

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